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Think of everything you need to start your own painting business. The training. The brand. The website. The customers. The subcontractors. The paperwork.

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Starting a business on your own is HARD.

Starting a business on your own is HARD.

With Main Street, you don’t have to make much of a financial investment upfront. You don’t even have to quit your job until you start seeing returns, which may be in a few days, a week, or a month. Your business can be profitable a hell of a lot sooner than the traditional way, and you don’t have much to lose.

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Franchises are a total rip-off.

We're calling bull on franchises. An upfront capital cost of $100,000. 18+ months to profitability. Months of paperwork and bureaucratic nonsense. And NO support from the corporate overlords? One word — exploitation.

Main Street charges $5000, not $100,000. We handle all the administrative tasks, training, marketing, lead generation, and team building. And we provide a path to profitability in a few weeks, not years.

Main Street vs Franchises
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Franchises are a total rip-off.
Main Street

Main Street - The new kid on the block.

Main Street is an all-inclusive tech-based business management platform. It’s the only platform you’ll ever need to start and scale your painting business.


Getting off the ground is the most intimidating bit about starting a business. The Main Street platform handles everything you need to get started.

Book Jobs

Our secret sauce is our state-of-the-art lead generation engine. You don’t get random leads — you get actual customers.


Once you’re up and running, Main Street simplifies the day-to-day running of the business.

Nicholas F.

Business Owner

"We have been using Main Street Estimation for about four months now and can not believe how much time and energy we are saving."

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Business Owner

"Joel shares his story on how Main Street helped him start a business in home painting without any prior experience of running a company."

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What our entrepreneurs think of Main Street

Real stories from real customers. Get inspired by our customers' stories who run the successful painting business.

Hardin H.

Business Owner

"Hardin shares his story on how Main Street allows him to manage his own schedule and make time for family while being a full time entrepreneur."

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How it Works

A 6-step guide: From setting up your painting business to earning your first revenue.

Main Street
Step 1: Training

Learn A-Z about running a painting business - at your own pace

The Main Street training is more than just videos — it’s a proven playbook to succeed in the painting industry. We’ve worked with the biggest experts in the painting industry to build a 3-week virtual training. 

Week 1: The technical and sales skills you need to run a painting business
Week 2: Working with painters and managing jobs
Week 3: Managing finances, building a team, and growing the business

Learn about the painting business
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Step 2: Onboarding

Hit the ground running

“I love paperwork” — said no owner ever. There’s a ton of administrative tasks that get the business up and running. You don’t have to get hassled with any of it. You submit a list of documents that go into our backend system. And you have all the paperwork you need to get started — business registration, licensing, LLC, insurance, etc.

Get started with all that you’ll need
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Main Street
Main Street
Step 3: Branding

Build a designer website to get customers faster

Building a brand is one of the hardest parts of starting a business. Who has the time or money to think about branding — logos, design, website, etc. We also send you branded gear — t-shirts, 5-in-1 painter’s tool, yard signs, business cards, door hangers, etc — at no extra cost.  With Main Street, you get to build your website — and your brand — within days.

Check out a sample website
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Step 4: Marketing

Get a steady flow of customers within 20 days

Finding the customers is the biggest hurdle to running a successful business. We’ve built a marketing engine that finds leads from a ton of different sources — Home Advisor, Thumbtack, Google, Yelp, etc. It doesn’t just stop there. It actually evaluates all these leads, and chooses the best ones. These selected leads then go to a US-based call center, which screens them for you and books appointments. So when a lead comes to you, it’s already an interested customer — with an appointment on your calendar.

Walk through our marketing engine
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Main Street
Main Street
Step 5: Operating your business

Wowing your customers - estimation, invoicing & payments

The painting industry isn’t super sophisticated — 75%+ businesses don’t even have a website.
That’s why Main Street focusses on a WOW experience. You go to the customer’s house. You blow them away with our estimating and invoicing software. You book the job. And our Payments Engine makes your customer feel like they’re working with a Fortune 500 company.

Build an estimate
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Step 6: Hire Painters

Choose from a list of painters in your area

Once you’ve booked the job— and the customer has paid in advance— you can use our Labor Management Tool to find experienced and reliable painters. With the touch of a button all local painters in the area will be notified about your job.

Find tradesmen for the job
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Main Street

We're supported by a best-in-class investor group

Main Street's investors are made up of some of the countries most prominent investors. We're learning from the best who have helped guide us from the beginning.

Khosla ventures
Foundation Capital
Slow Ventures

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