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We offer training to start, technology to operate and marketing to get customers. It's like buying a franchise, minus the crazy fees and you start in minutes, not months.

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 Owners *really* like
Main Street

Nicholas f.
Susquehanna Painting

“We have been using Main Street Estimation for about four months now and can not believe how much time and energy we are saving."

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Joel c.
Smith St Painting

“I started with a big sales pipeline increase in just 50 days, without having any marketing people.”

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Franklin c.
Franklin's Painting

"I have gotten at least 50 times the value from Main Street.
I couldn't have asked for more than this. You guys rock!"

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Starting a business on your own is hard

Do i need a licence?

Can i accept CC payments?

Where can i get credit cards for my employees?

How long until this thing is profitable?

Where can i buy insurance?

Where can i find customers?

Where can i print business cards?

How can i get my online ratings up?

How do i hire a team?

When will i break even?

What fillings do i have to make with the state?

How much should i invest in Facebook marketing, how much in Google?

How can i make invoicing less of a pain

How does SEO work?

Where can i get a working capital loan?

Where can my customers get construction loans?

Where can i find brand consultant?

How do i build a website for me?

How do i build a marketing strategy?

How to I chase down customers who owe me?

Franchises are expensive and slow

We're calling bull on franchises. 18+ months to profitability. Who has time for that? We charge $3,000 not $100,000 and help you start in minutes, not months.

Main Street is everything you need to start, run and grow a business





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You can start a painting, roofing or moving business

(we’re expanding to other big markets soon)

We train you on the industry

We cover everything you need to know. Expert created videos and quizzes.

We register your business and get you insured

We create your brand

Flyers, business cards, t-shirts. The works.

We make your website

Customized to you. Optimized for Google. Easy to edit.

We get you leads

Home Advisor. Thumbtack. Google. We get leads and constantly tweak them to lower costs. You won't have to worry about marketing.

We give you software to convert leads to jobs

You go to the customers home. You blow them away with our estimating and invoicing software. You book the job.

Our tools make it a breeze to find 'roofers' for the job

With a touch of a button all local tradesmen in the area will be notified of your job, so all you have to do is sit back and pick!

Six jobs a week is a million in revenue

This is for painting. Roofing and Moving are pretty lucrative too.

Hey America—

You don’t need to be the next Google to build something meaningful.

I’m Danilo, CEO here at Main Street. I’m just a kid from Brooklyn. My mission is to make starting a business easy.

A successful business is one that helps you reach your  personal goals, whether that be time, control or money. Growing up with a father who owned a small business, I saw first hand that when done right -- running a business can be a beautiful thing. And it doesn't have to be complicated.

Take painting. You buy paint, find customers, hire painters and complete jobs. There’s no need to take a risky, long-term approach to building a billion-dollar business.

How many painting jobs per week do you think gets you a million dollar business?


You don’t need to change the world to have the life you want. Some people waiting for that “brilliant” idea but never find something they deem worthy enough to pursue. Others pursue passion projects but find themselves bogged down by the “passion” component of the project. And finally, the “change the world” thing - it’s simply unrealistic for 99% of people.

You don’t need to invent the iPhone to make it big.

If you're willing to put the work in, we'll give you the tools to build a real business.

Main Street exists to unlock the complex-highly-profitable
world of service-industry entrepreneurship.
If you happen to find yourself in Brooklyn shoot me an email at on me.


Start on Main Street

You've got the will.
We've got the way.