Have you been thinking about starting a business recently? Main Street managed to assemble the world’s #1 platform that allows entrepreneurs to start a home service business. From painting and moving to roofing businesses, they offer the world class technology and industry best practices on marketing and sales to help you launch your own home service business in less than three weeks and become successful. 

If this intrigued you, be aware that starting a new business will not be as easy as you think - it requires a lot of effort. That is why Main Street provides an initial promise-guarantee to help you get started. Main Street’s expert-created training and onboarding courses, time-saving technology platform, as well as their industry-leading ability to fact that they bring you verified customers are just a few of the benefits entrepreneurs receive by joining the Main Street program. you can get by using Main Street’s program for entrepreneurs.

However, even with Main Street’s help, making your new home service business profitable can be difficult without an extensive amount of work, effort, and time spent focusing on marketing strategies. If you are willing to put a lot of work in, though, the services Main Street provides will clearly help your business thrive in a short time.

How much can you make using the Main Street program?

As with any other program, the question everyone seeks the answer to is how much profit you can make using it. Well, this mostly depends on you, your investments, and how you manage your work. We have been examining the economics of the Main Street program and we will discuss this in further detail.

Our goal was to get a deeper understanding of Main Street’s strategy, the potential risks that come with using their program, and the profit a new business owner that chooses to work with them would make. We have talked with business experts, carefully read the application materials, asked the company various questions about their services, and compared this new program to other similar home services business owners.

Let’s say you start a new painting business with Main Street. You get around 75 leads per month, "both your lead-to-estimate rate and close rate are 20%, and your Annual Contract Value (ACV) is about $4,000. How much money could you possibly make?

This is truly impressive. Our results show that your painting business’s revenue would increase by $307,584 per year and the leads would increase by 45 each month just by simply using the program Main Street offers. 

Taking into consideration all of the benefits and services you get when using Main Street and the low pricing they have for this entrepreneur program, the company allows you to significantly develop your business and grow your earnings, making the program very profitable. This explains why so many new business owners choose Main Street as a way to make their companies thrive in a short time.

What are the pros and cons we found in Main Street’s program?

We took a closer look at Main Street’s website, program, and the advantages of using it, and we selected the major pros and cons of this program. These will help you decide if this new program dedicated to entrepreneurs is right for you and your needs.

  • You get a free 14-day trial to try Main Street’s services without being asked about your credit card. Additionally, you can cancel at any time even if you are still using their trial.
  • Main Street provides you with your own brand and customizable website that will give you an edge over all the other competitors, and allow you to express your business ideas in the exact way you want to.
  • The company gives new entrepreneurs estimating, invoicing, and customer management software all in one place to make work easier, faster, and less stressful.
  • You get online marketing handled by Main Street, thanks to their centralized and optimized leads from search engines and platforms like Thumbtack.
  • The payment is only $3,000 after which the starting fees are low, while other franchises charge new owners more than $100,000 just to get started, making it 10 times more affordable. On top of this, Main Street does not require you to leave your job in order to start a new business, like other companies.
  • Main Street charges 8% of business leads that they generate for you, but, compared to other franchises that charge at least 12% (on ALL revenue), this is clearly a better deal. 
  • They also offer professional training courses for new entrepreneurs. There are over 300 training modules that have been built by some of the biggest industry leaders.

In all honesty, we could hardly find any cons of getting started with this Main Street program. It seems to be ideal for any new entrepreneur that wants to see their business thrive in a short time and without any other complications.

Owning a Main Street painting business

Main Street seems to be beating the competition in every possible category and its customers swear by their program. But how does owning a Main Street painting, moving, or roofing business really work? You would be surprised to find out that most of the managing work is done by Main Street.

“Being a business owner means managing a whole lot. Let Main Street handle the complicated parts of the business and keep everything organized in one place for you. You’ll be running a painting business – focus on completing painting jobs, not tedious back office tasks.” - Nicholas LaForest, Owner Susquehanna Painting

The company will find, generate, and qualify leads and then send them all to you. Part of Main Street’s services are also developing, managing, and optimizing localized marketing campaigns for you. What do you have to do? You will take care of your work projects without having to worry about managing and finding leads. 

The new entrepreneurs who wish to start out with all the advantages Main Street offers can choose The Full Suite solution for a one-time cost of $3,000. This solution contains all three main services the company provides: a technology platform, business launch and onboarding support, and marketing and lead generation. We will explain what each of these services does.

Firstly, the technology platform Main Street provides for new business owners has a lot of benefits as well. From customer sales and management system, professional website builder, proposal builder, and invoicing portal, to accounting software and online reputation management, Main Street has it all.

The business launch and onboarding support is made of end to end onboarding checklist, access to expert online support, and professional website builder with customer support. This is ideal if you need professional advice when making a business decision. 

The marketing and lead generation service means subcontractor job posting, online lead source setup, and lead screening, qualification, and scheduling an estimate, all to help you manage your business better and get a lot of leads.

Another reason why so many new entrepreneurs choose Main Street to start a business is the quick starting process. They do not waste a single minute of your time. You can get started with the training, registering of your LLC, and setting up your bank account all in the same day you sign up.

Even will all this help Main Street provides, you will still need to follow a few basic steps in order to start owning a painting business. After registering your new business and creating a site, the next thing you should do is get an insurance. In some US states, you do not need an actual license for house painting and liability insurance should be enough.

The next thing you are advised to do is get painting equipment if you plan on working with your own team. If you want to have sub-contractors, then they will probably already have their own materials and you do not need to spend that extra money.

After you have finished with these steps, you can start getting your first painting customers using programs as the one Main Street provides. Once you find a few clients, your team will have to paint the houses and, ultimately, you will end up making money.

If you also use Main Street’s services, you will have more time to focus on the quality of your business’ work and your employees and less on administrative and marketing tasks such as posting bids on jobs, getting leads, taking care of the website, and many others.

A steady stream of work

Now that you know why so many entrepreneurs choose Main Street to launch their businesses, let’s take a look at how much work goes into owning one of these starting companies and what are the opinions of people who have been doing this for a long time.

Home painting is an extremely attractive industry that can generate a lot of profit if you give it your best. Main Street states that “It is common for painting businesses to make profit margins above 20%”, meaning there currently are not that many companies of this kind, and people are willing to pay a large amount of money to get their house painted. 

“You can run a highly successful painting business with the right knowledge, strategies, and team” - Nicholas LaForest, Owner Susquehanna Painting

Main Street brags about their low investment cost and guarantees that if you perform at least 6 jobs per week you will make $1 million every year. This sounds absurd, right? Well, it is true. Having the right team behind you to support you is also a big plus that will help you thrive and gain popularity as a starting business.

Many business owners that started out with Main Street have only good things to say about it. Here you can see the reviews some Main Street customers have left on their website:

“We have been using Main Street Estimation for about four months now and cannot believe how much time and energy we are saving." - Hardin H, Main Street Business Owner

"Main Street is exactly what our Business has been lacking. It's both attractive and highly adaptable." - Sarah H, Main Street Business Owner

“I have gotten at least 50 times the value from Main Street. I couldn’t have asked for more than this. You guys rock!” - Cindy E, Main Street Business Owner

Main Street’s reviews are incredible and customers are satisfied with their services. While some say the program helps them save time and energy, others admit that the company helped them add important features to their businesses and that the program is worth the payment.

Bringing small businesses to life

Main Street has a lot of potential to create lots of new small painting, moving, or roofing businesses, as these few services are always highly requested by clients. Every single day there are a lot of people in the U.S. that change houses, need help with painting rooms, or they need adjustments and replacing of their roof. 

In addition to this, the painting industry is not very developed or crowded at the moment, meaning there is room and work for any new business that might be created. New entrepreneurs are always looking for a way to make more profit with low investments when starting a business and Main Street seems to have the perfect program for that. 

House painting is a $37 billion per year industry and the costs of starting a business in this field are quite low. This is why this is a recommended industry for any new entrepreneur to start a business in. Most new business owners are more likely to want to start in the house painting industry just because of the painting side of it. While the actual painting skills themselves are important when starting a new house painting business, there are other aspects such as bookkeeping and marketing that most entrepreneurs tend to overlook.

This phenomenon happens because some people who wish to start a company in this industry are technicians who have just entered the world of entrepreneurship. Since they have never studied business or marketing, they are very likely to fail at creating a successful house painting business unless they use the help and services of firms like Main Street. 

Before starting a house painting business, entrepreneurs should take some time and learn about marketing, sales, operations, and management. As you work with a lot of clients, it can be beneficial to build a professional portfolio and website. This will help you gain more leads because people will be more likely to trust your business. 

Is Main Street better than a franchise?

To see if Main Street is a better way to start a new business than opening one through an agreement with a franchise, we have to analyze the differences between the two. After doing so, we will have a clearer understanding of why one is better than the other and it will be easier for you to decide which option suits you and your needs the best.

Firstly, let’s look at the costs needed in order to get started and grow a new business. Typically, franchises require a “franchise fee” of over $100,000 just to start. After you proceed to work with them, they will charge at least 8% of all the revenue you will ever make. On top of that, they also add a 2% marketing fee that is supposed to help you get your business locally but ends helping them build their brand. On the other hand, Main Street costs less than ten times to get started and their fees are significantly lower than those of a franchise.

Secondly, we should talk about the leads each of these gets you. Franchises are said to do “national marketing for you”, but will not give up the 2% marketing fee that they take for your revenues. When it comes to local marketing, franchises will connect you with a local marketing agency that will most certainly not generate you any revenue, so you will waste your money on useless services. At the same time, Main Street will manage your lead generation platforms by optimizing and spending your money on lead generation campaigns so that you can easily make a profit.

Last but not least, the time in which you can start developing your new business is very important as well. Usually, franchises have a wait time of 14 days to sign a contract with a new entrepreneur and at least five different calls with various companies to start. If you thought that was all, it gets even worse. After signing the contract, you will have to wait a few more days for the training to begin. However, with Main Street, you can get your business registered and start training the same day. You can finish training, set up your bank account, and do training before signing a franchise disclosure document.

So, were we to choose between Main Street and a franchise, the obvious answer would be Main Street. Not only does this company provide a lot of services and allows you to start a new business in a very short time and with affordable investments, but it also manages to do exactly what it promises and is great at disrupting franchisors.

Additional financial requirements

In addition to the investment you decide to make to start your new house painting, roofing, or moving business, Main Street has a payment of $99 per year or a one-time $3,000 fee in case you want to benefit from all of their services. Main Street manages to beat the competition across the board when it comes to the ROI and they claim that some of the businesses they helped come to life have generated more than $20,000 of profit in their first month

You can use the business revenue and profit calculator on Main Street’s website if you wish to see an estimate of how much you would make in profits if you start working with them. Be aware, though, that these projections are unproven estimates based on Main Street’s experience working with new businesses and the actual results will vary from one company to another. 

Each house painting, moving, or roofing business’ results and estimations will depend on a variety of factors, such as the size of the company, the business owner’s efforts, and the management of expenses. It is obvious that there are risk factors in any new business and you have to take that into consideration before deciding to start a new business of any kind.

So, is house painting a smart and profitable business to get into nowadays? Generally speaking, yes. This service is highly requested these days and there are not that many businesses that are a part of this industry. If you wish to make minimal investments and a lot of profit, this might be the right type of business for you. Furthermore, if you need help with launching a new business, you can always count on Main Street’s programs. They offer a Shopify experience for painting and they seem to be doing a lot of high-quality administrative work for your business for a low amount of money and they can help your new business thrive.