The House Painting Industry Gets A New Paint Job

Nicholas LaForest
Nick shares his entrepreneurial journey with Main Street when he decided to take the leap in the middle of the pandemic.
Nicholas LaForest
Main Street owner since
May 2020
Most expensive job booked
$1000- $10,000
Years of working experience
25 years
Companies before Main Street
Worked in flooring and fixtures
Favorite main street feature
Having the independence of being in business by myself with the support of a larger organization and the top notch technology offered

Running your own business is a way of taking control of your time and investing it in what’s important to you. But starting your own company can be a lonely road accompanied by a lot of questions with no answers.

For Nick, the owner of a home painting business, fear was the factor holding him back. While he'd always had an entrepreneurial drive, COVID-19 hit right when he'd made the decision to start a company.

It was Main Street’s camaraderie and technology that helped him get off the ground at a time when starting a business seemed unfeasible.

“I didn’t know what was going to happen with the world and me. It wasn't anything that Main Street could change, but they did,” Nick said.

“They reassured me that the tech and tools they were bringing to the table could help me succeed. I already had that drive inside me and all they did was cultivate it.”

Today, Nick is booking weekly jobs ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. He says his goal is to build a successful 5 million dollar multifaceted business.

While his background is in architecture engineering, he's spent the past 25 years in the furniture, fixtures, and equipment industry. But the regular 9 to 5 job was preventing him from spending more time with his family.

Being a business owner gives Nick flexibility of controlling his calendar. He's able to get leads, perform estimates, and manage customers and still make time for family.

Nick came in with no house painting knowledge, but Main Street filled that gap. They provided training and digital tools to help him launch and manage his operation.

“I'm impressed by how fast we got from having no customers to selling a job each week,” he said. “I use Main Street systems all day, every day. My business thrives because of the processes they provide me.”

Nick takes up jobs already set up and planned by Main Street systems. He also uses built-in technologies to perform house estimates and uses the CRM tool to communicate with customers and follow up on leads.

Being in business is all about the people around you. He feels reassured that if he hits a bump in the road, he knows who to call. It's easy for him to pick up the phone and call the support team or fellow business owners.

The home painting service industry itself is due for an upgrade. According to Nick, no one in the painting business leverages technology. “All these guys out there are still using tape measures and quoting numbers out of their heads,” he said.

Meanwhile, owners like Nick have the advantage of a strategically built system. He's equipped with tools like laser measures to make the job easier. He provides seamless experiences for customers using state-of-the-art technology from start to finish.

“We’re providing a different kind of product to a market that drastically needs it,” he said.

To Nick, no other company like Main Street that brings together such a complete package of training, telecommunication, CRM, and call center services.