You always pay to start a

Going out on your own isn't free-- you pay by making mistakes on the job.
That's expensive. We charge $5,000 to start, and $600 per month.
Get Started
A one-time setup fee ($5,000) will be charged and one month subscription is free.*

What you get

Online Marketing Handled
Centralized and optimized leads from search engines and platforms like Thumbtack
End To End Training
Training library of over 300 training modules built by industry leaders
Website & Your Own Brand
Customizable website framework and online presence to give you an edge over competitors
Estimating, invoicing & customer management software in one place
Call Center
Call center support to help close leads and schedule estimates
A Support Team
Main Street's team will do what it takes to make you succeed

Can I pay monthly? And what payment methods?

Yes, you can pay monthly. We require a credit card for payment (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express) — no invoices, no checks, no ACH/wire, no PayPal..

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. If you’re still on the trial when you cancel, you can export your email and contacts so you can take them with you.

What if I have more questions?

What if I have more questions?
Send us an email at and we’ll help you out.

Still considering it?
Here are the facts.

We are the most affordable solution on the market.

Franchises charge new owners upwards of $70,000 just to get started, which is commonly known as their “franchise fee.” Franchises can charge up to 12% of your overall revenues for tools and resources that should be part of their offering. At Main Street, we only charge 8% of business leads that we directly generate, find, qualify, and feed into your pipeline. All that extra time developing, managing, optimizing your localized marketing campaigns is part of the package. Your alternative is to go to a franchise that refers you to an agency that will charge you some hefty “monthly retainer”.

You don’t need to quit your job to start with us

Unlike franchise businesses which require you to go “all in,” at Main Street you can start a business with Main Street and keep your day job until you feel comfortable leaving. We are here for you to succeed.

We can get you started faster than anyone out there

if you try on your own, it will take a lot of work. Franchisee setup processes are old, inefficient, and overpriced. Franchises take up to 14 days to sign a contract with way too many lengthy phone conversations. They even make you fly there. Oh and then you need to wait until training begins!

At Main Street, we don’t waste a minute of your time. You can sign up and get started the same day: you can finish training, register your LLC, and set up your bank account all immediately.

Starting a typical franchise can cost close to $70,000 upfront, which doesn’t even include the cost of the technology. And for marketing, they’ll refer you to an agency that has overpriced fees with no clear return on your money.

Start on Main Street

You've got the will.
We've got the way.