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Generate More Revenue From Leads

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Generate More Revenue From Leads

The home services industry is tricky. If your prospect doesn’t hear from you within 5 minutes, they’ll start exploring other options.

Rely on us to instantly reach out, qualify, and convert your leads into appointments with a 91% success rate.
Our combined approach of human and artificial intelligence increases lead conversions by 391%. 

What’s more? By making the right first impression, we’re also able to activate referral and word of mouth growth for your business.  

Don’t make your leads wait - 50% of leads go with the business that responds first

Beat out your competition by becoming the only brand open around the clock. Statistics show your inbound leads need immediate attention. Even after submitting a form, 85% of leads won’t respond to your emails or phone calls. So how do you solve this catch-22? That is where we come in.

Our text-message-first approach and respectful, persistent, follow-ups, turn your marketing dollars into sales opportunities. Our cocktail of smart automation and phone outreach gives you the opportunity to instantly strike up a conversation with leads before they even have time to chat with the competition.

Watch leads automatically turn into appointments on your calendar

Imagine if you could walk into the office each day with meetings already booked on your calendar. With this feature, you won't need a personal assistant and you definitely won't need an in-house sales team.

Main Street automatically connects to your calendar to pull availability and book meetings after a lead is qualified. If need be, we’ll live transfer them to you.

Trust our team to nail the first impression for you

Our U.S. based sales agents are here to represent your business 24/7. Main Street trains our agents to reflect your brand’s personality, voice, and tone. Potential customers will walk away from a conversation feeling like they spoke directly to an employee at your company.

Stop worrying about metrics, stay in the know with your real-time dashboard

Running a business is no easy feat. We know it’s important to keep track of every dollar spent throughout your leads journey.

That’s why on Main Street, we give you complete visibility and control over your sales process. Listen to recordings with leads, review emails, and see virtually every interaction on a single dashboard. Get to know your customers like no one else.

Enjoy the flexibility of scaling your lead nurturing and sales efforts up or down based on seasonality to optimize your spend.

After we have made a strong first impression, effortlessly take control of the conversation with our powerful CRM integration

We make sure you’re always in the loop by integrating our interactions into your Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) right from the very first point of contact.

While we make sure to give your leads an A+ experience, we also believe you should have the flexibility to take over at any point with a complete picture of the connection thus far.

Once a lead is officially in your hands, keep track of your sales pipeline at various stages of the customer journey. Experience the convenience of managing your customers productively through daily task reminders and streamlined conversations.

Take ownership of your inbox. Manage all customer conversations in one place

Being a business owner means managing lead inquiries from a number of different directions.

As your marketing channels start to add up, it can go from exciting to overwhelming pretty quick!

With the Main Street all-in-one single communication platform, we help you take charge of all your potential customer conversations, regardless of where they originated. We bring every exchange onto one platform to make it easy to respond and engage prospects in a timely manor.

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