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Our training program teaches what  
You need to know

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Our training program teaches what  You need to know

Our three-week virtual training program covers everything you need to know
to be successful

Our program goes in-depth on the industry, service process mechanics, hiring & recruiting, sales, marketing, business planning, and technology. The final week is an ‘intensive” week focusing heavily on sales, lead management, and production.

Our Program is Created by Industry Experts

Our Program is Created by Industry Experts

We’ve sourced top-tier professionals to help build our program. They love Main Street’s potential for new owners and have implemented their own knowledge that has led them directly to their own successes in home-service businesses.

Learn on your own schedule

Like our service offering, our training program is tailored to the digital world. Our video content libraries and virtual training sessions can be completed from the comfort of your home. But don’t worry - our experts are always available for questions and additional support through our community center.

Learn on your own schedule
No bulls%#t, straight-to-the-point training videos.

No bulls%#t, straight-to-the-point training videos.

We have packed our videos with actionable technical knowledge that is easily learned and implemented.

Painting. Moving. Roofing. These industries have a ton of overlap which allows you to diversify your portfolio once you understand the technical components of one industry.

Here's What You'll Learn About




We then teach you all the technical skills and the sales skills

Get on-boarded to the course by understanding the program expectations and syllabus. Learn our technology and systems with in-depth walk-throughs. Receive your business set up to-do list for what needs to be accomplished in parallel with the training course.

Dive into Business Planning, Lead Management, Estimating, Domain Knowledge, and the Main Street marketing machine.

We wrap it up with teaching you how to work subcontractors and manage jobs

Master interior and exterior estimation as well as the ins-and-outs of selling to home-service clients.

Understand how to position your business both on the phone and at the job site. Study up on how to handle tough customer-objections.

Take quizzes on a continuous basis to gut check you're retaining the info.

Learn about financials, production, and recruiting your work crew

Get trained up on how to manage business costs, collect payments & deposits, and track accounting.

Know the benefits and constraints of hiring contractors, focus on production, and get ready to launch your business!

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