Start a roofing business

Low investment. Fast ramp-up. No staff to start. Fragmented competition. High margins.


Roofing is easier than your morning routine. You don’t need to come in with any experience. You make customers happy, you book jobs and you hire subcontractors. Not sure how simpler it can get.

Industry Dynamics

No one dominates the Roofing Industry

Roofing is massive ($47B+ revenue per year in the US) and busy, growing nearly 5% every year.

Painting is a Simple Business

Focus on running a business, not roofing homes

It’s not a complicated business that requires advanced training (think electricians, solar installation, etc.). Start-up costs for a roofing business are low. You do not need employees. Or expensive equipment. Just hustle and resilience.

Make Money

Roofing Businesses are highly profitable

Many roofing business are driving multi-million dollar a year revenues with high profit margins. A few jobs per week and you are doing over $1 million per year.

Beat the Incumbents

Recession Resistant Industry

If you own a home, you own a roof that will eventually need replaced. Regardless of the economic climate there will never be a shortage of potential customers.

Start on Main Street

You've got the will.
We've got the way.