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Online marketing isn’t easy. But who says you need to do it all yourself?

You just started your business. Your responsibilities now include booking jobs, training employees, keeping your customers happy... the list goes on. As a small business owner, you are also worried about competing with industry leaders whose resources put you at a disadvantage. So now you’re not only concerned with continually innovating your marketing strategies but also finding the time to do so.

What’s worse?

Well, your target customers’ demands are never-ending and ever-evolving. So the pressure to innovate your marketing is a continuous problem.

Sounds like a full-time job for 5 different people, doesn’t it? Well, maybe it is.

Now imagine if you could hire a team of marketers that understand your target market, branding position, business vision, and goals and could also devise a marketing strategy that keeps your pipeline of leads healthy without burning a hole in your pocket.

Cue, Main Street Marketing.

With our world class marketing system, we help you get the most qualified leads at the lowest cost possible.

Let us do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on serving your customers.

How Main Street Marketing Works




We research and strategize for you

Our team of marketing experts starts by understanding your business goals and target customer.  After an in-depth market research, we create a plan that is tailored to grow your business, at your pace, within your budget. We’ll take care of everything from content & video marketing to pay-per-click advertising, lead generation, and more. With Main Street, you’ll know exactly where your marketing dollars are going.

We do the heavy lifting and set it all up

With the strategy in place, your new team of marketers gets to work immediately. Knowing where your customers are and what channels we should reach them through, our team starts setting you up on Google Adwords, HomeAdvisor, and other relevant platforms. All important automations are set up right at the start, preparing you for the rush of leads that are coming your way!

We track, monitor, and report your success

There’s no such thing as set-it-and-forget-it. We’re as aggressive about your company goals as you are and are always on the lookout for opportunities. Our marketing experts track every campaign’s performance closely - identifying market trends, consumer preferences, and data that indicates what works and what doesn’t. Oh, and we also keep a close watch on your competitors too.

Marketing automation that puts your business ads in the right place, at the right time.  

Marketing automation that puts your business ads in the right place, at the right time.  

Every potential customer is different so how they interact with your business is going to be different too! So how do you make sure you're promoting your business effectively in the right place?

With our marketing automation solution, we divide your budget across all sorts of lead generation platforms to reach a wider audience. From there, we continue to review and tweak your spend based on lead generation and conversation success.

With this type of automation, we’ll make sure you’re never losing out on potential customers.

Don't worry about your marketing ads being lost in Cyberspace.

Count on us to be a top hit on Google Ads, every time.

We know that 63% of customers start their
journey with a business through a search engine, so we take this seriously. Our algorithms are designed to make sure your internet marketing advertisements continue to keep their high Google rankings and shine out competitors.

Your marketing ads being lost in Cyberspace.
We'll handle 100% of your marketing while you spend time on what matters most.

We'll handle 100% of your marketing while you spend time on what matters most.

The best part about Main Street Marketing is that you can sit back and focus on what really matters... customer relationships and growing your business.

Our marketing team creates the advertisements, monitors performance, fixes ares in need of improvement, and turns leads into customers. That might sound too good to be true, but because Main Street Marketing is powered by technology, we get you the outcome you want without the overhead costs.

How exactly does Main Street Marketing differ from other
marketing agencies?

For starters, we’re more efficient, data-driven, and goal-oriented than any other digital marketing agency. But let us tell you a little more about us…


We value every dollar you set aside for marketing and do not spend any money on strategies that will not get you closer to closing a customer.

Agencies charge you for the doughnuts they bring into the office and a number of other costs that don't really matter. At Main Street, we keep things transparent by showing you exactly how your money is being spent. You can spend the extra money you save on doughnuts for you and your crew!


We're continually bench marking our marketing performance across all lead generation platforms to never miss an opportunity to grow your business.

It's not just your competitors marketing we are keeping an eye on, we’re also competing with ourselves on how effective our advertising campaigns are at generating leads and customers.

Managing multiple lead generation services is often seen as a hassle by agencies because they need to continuously log into multiple platforms. Well, we built a technology for that. With a click of a button, Main Street Marketing can monitor and manage all your ad spend in one place.


We are focused on being great at home-services marketing only.

We do not call ourselves marketing experts in all small business industries because we do not want to be distracted from our end goal.

We don’t believe in being a jack-of-all-trades. Our marketing experts are only focused on learning more about home-services every day. We do not confuse our approach with generic marketing trends that don’t hold value for your specific business.

A lot of agencies focus on “small businesses” and take on every marketing opportunity that comes their way. This unfortunately misses the mark because each industry calls for a very unique plan.


We don't just do the marketing, we do the whole damn thing.

Most digital agencies only focus on generating leads. The traditional approach often results in small business owners taking on the added burden of managing and converting leads from various locations.

With Main Street Marketing, your marketing leads flow seamlessly into your CRM, and are tracked continuously.

Why you need Main Street Marketing? glad you asked.

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Stay updated about your leads

With our smart automations, you’ll be notified as soon as a lead comes in through any of your lead generation platforms

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Maintain a consistent presence

We make sure your prospects see consistent messages across all channels to ensure you maintain a uniform brand

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Scale without overhead costs

We help you scale your marketing efforts as your business grows without you having to hire additional folks

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Your systems will continually get smarter

Main Street Marketing is continually learning and optimizing itself for results so that no consumer behavior goes unnoticed. We update our data in real-time to stay one step ahead

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Make your marketing productive

Main Street Marketing uses technology to automate repetitive tasks, so our team can focus on generating more leads

“I started with a big sales pipeline increase in just 50 days, without having any marketing people.”

Nicholas LaForest
Nicholas Laforest


We’re designed to help you start small and scale as you go up. To learn more, schedule time with us.


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